About Me

Lee is the founder and Director of PIX-L-Media and has a lifelong background in Creative Visuals. What started as a hobby, to take a video camera and create films with friends grew to studying and developing skills in Videography and Editing along side running a successful design & paint business. The service that Pix-L-Media provides is a culmination of all of these passions offering a full & broad package.

At Pix-L we believe it’s all about you – we want to use our creativity and skills, to deliver exactly what you want. Our goal is making clients visions become a reality through our work. When we begin a project, we share the same value and passion that you have. We’re committed to helping your brand evolve, which is clear in our approach to business.

In 2015 alone, Pix-L Media traveled over 40,000 miles, across 10 countries, filming some of the most exciting athletes in Motorsport. We love it – but we’re up for any challenge you want to set us. From a range of sports, landscapes and environments we are here to make you something epic!